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Highest-Rated Drone Photographer in the Area

Alex and his team provide custom, high-quality aerial photography services, drone photography, commercial real estate interior and exterior photographs, and video services in Salt Lake City, Utah. Need them to come to you outside of the state? They can do that too.

Alex travels internationally and has flown aerial photography drones in seven countries, so packing up to go anywhere in the states is a snap. The team specializes in residential and commercial real estate drone photography, construction progress photography, scenic photography, and more. Their newest drones shoot high-resolution photographs and 4K videos.

Shooting stunning aerial drone photography and videography is one of Alex’s passions; he has the client testimonials to prove it.  He’s committed to getting “that perfect shot” and has completed projects for large companies such as Amazon, Adobe, Zions Bank, various real estate agents, custom-home builders, developers, and many other businesses in the area. An FAA-licensed and certified drone pilot, Alex is legally allowed to pilot drones for commercial projects. He can navigate through any compliance requirements you might need to get your project done quickly.

Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we will get it done.


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Aerial Drone & Ground Photography


High-Quality, Affordable Aerial & Ground Photography

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Aerial photos can give residential or commercial property a higher perceived value. It provides more details to prospective buyers, allowing them to see the precise location (a critical factor in buying or selling real estate) and encouraging them to come to view the property in person.

Professional drone photography can highlight and promote strategic selling points such as location, outdoor amenities, and other features that standard ground-level photography is unable to show. It’s a well-known fact in real estate that properties sell faster with client-captivating aerial videos.

Special Events

Aerial drone photos and video allow for cost-effective, stunning, professional footage of special events. It makes an excellent and incredibly memorable gift for a wedding couple.

Or it can be used as an add-on service for businesses who own event locations and offer typical photography packages. Create a memory or increase awareness of your event or destination event location locally, or anywhere in the US.

Video Production Services

Professional aerial videos offer a unique advantage to any business owner. Drone technology has advanced to a point where companies can have professional, high-resolution, high-quality aerial videos created for their business or advertising clients.

Aerial videos can capture the attention of prospects more effectively than static photos, and they enable companies to think more creatively about their advertising and marketing campaigns.


Alex Drone Photography’s base rate is $349 for most typical area projects, such as a residential property with a yard or a 50,000 sq. ft. apartment building under construction. Each project comes with plenty of aerials photographs and a few short videos to choose from.

Operating Area

Alex and his team provide custom, high-quality aerial photography, drone photography, ground interior and exterior stills, and video services in Salt Lake City and Utah. Projects outside of a 20-mile radius from downtown SLC may incur travel expenses.

Need a project completed out of state? Not a problem. Alex travels internationally and has flown aerial photography drones in seven countries, so packing up to shoot anywhere in the continental US is a snap. We are happy to offer you a customized quote on larger projects requiring extended travel time, overnight accommodations, special editing, or other specified needs.

Drone photography projects sometimes require notification of local heliports and airports or even permission from the FAA. Your project price will always include any stipulations or conditions needed to be met.

Please contact me for more details.


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News & Articles

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5 Tips for Using Drones to Take Amazing Photos

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Expert aerial drone photography and videography, interior & exterior real estate photos, virtual home staging, logo and website design
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