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First impressions are critically important in real estate. The photos you use are your clients’ first look at the property you’re showing them. That’s why it’s essential to use a Professional Real Estate Photographer to capture your Utah property in the best light. Photos properly taken and edited to showcase a home’s best features will attract more potential homebuyers or renters. So, using optimized real estate photos is an essential element in effective marketing.

Located in Salt Lake City, Alex is an expert in commercial real estate photography who offers a unique advantage.
As a traditional Real Estate Drone Photographer, he can photograph your property from every angle—inside, outside, and up above! People can not only view your home’s interior and exterior from ground level but also get a bird’s-eye view of the home and its location—an excellent advantage if you want to make an overall real estate marketing video.

Taking stunning photos or aerial drone videos is only part of the services offered.

After the real estate photos are shot, Alex also has the professional photo editing skills needed to enhance the images beautifully. He can manipulate images to change the color or density, brighten photos, change angles, remove unwanted objects, or even add to, change, or remove interior décor to make the home look even more appealing.

Photo editing and retouching
services include:

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Object Removal

Editing out exterior objects such as garbage cans or unwanted interior items or décor

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Image Cropping

Cropping photos as needed to change the focus on images

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Photo Enhancement

Adjusting lighting, brightness, color, or contrast

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Exterior Elements Manipulation

Retouching or enhancing the look or color of lawns, gardens, flowers, and trees

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Sky Replacement

Changing a dark, gray, or cloudy sky to a sunnier day—with or without fluffy white clouds

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Swimming Pool Clean-up

Making pool water look more sparkling blue and touching-up deck area


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