Residential Aerial Photography
Residential Aerial Photography
Residential Aerial Photography

About Me

My Mission

I’m passionate about providing stunning aerial photography and videography. My clients mantain that I possess the eye to get that ideal shot every time. Above all else, I’m committed to quality, efficiency, and clear communication. I’ve conducted flights in over 6 different countries under various weather conditions and legal requirements.

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Hi there, my name is Alex and I provide custom, high-quality aerial photography, drone photography and video service in Salt Lake City and all of Utah. I completed projects for Adobe, Zions Bank, real estate agents, custom-home builders, and so forth. My newest drones shoot high-resolution photographs and 4K videos. I specialize in residential and commercial real estate photography, construction progress photography, scenic photography, and more. As a FAA licensed and certified drone pilot, I’m legally able to pilot drones for commercial projects. All I need is a 24-hour notice to secure permission and prepare the paperwork!

Aerial Photography Pricing

My business provides transparent and clear pricing. I charge a flat rate of $349 without any additional fees for most typical projects (for example, a residential property with a yard or a 50,000 sq. ft. apartment building under construction). All projects are usually completed within 72 hours.

What is Included?


All drone photography projects include a minimum of 1 hour of flight time to ensure superb quality and multiple great angles.


In addition to aerial photographs, I’ll provide an aerial video of the site. Each video is approximately 1-3 minutes in length.


Once all images and videos are taken, they are edited for the best look. I can also apply various effects ranging from text, outlining a perimeter or sections, adding pins, and more.


From the time of the appointment, I guarantee to provide you with final images and videos within 24 hours.

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Operating Area

We currently operate in the Greater Salt Lake area. Businesses outside of a 20-mile radius from downtown SLC may require travel expenses.

Sometimes a project will require notification of local heliports and airports, or even permission from the FAA. Any such conditions are always included.

Please contact me for more details.

I Love My Clients

“These are just perfect! Thank you Alex! I will venmo you right now and I will leave a 5-star review! ;-)”


“Thank you for those photos they look incredible. I’m having the check mailed out to you today! I’ll make sure to refer you and reach out if I need any photos in the future, thanks again!!”


“Thanks again for your work! I saw the photo and footage you shot. It looks wonderful!!”


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