Drones are becoming more affordable, allowing videographers and filmmakers to be more inventive with their work. Anyone interested in becoming a drone pilot or cameraman should learn the cinematography methods discussed in this article.

Pan Shots from Above

Gimbal for Workswell WIRIS drone camera 1024x545 1

When a camera is attached to a tripod, pan shots are generally captured. For drones, the gimbal takes the place of the tripod. It is used to move a drone away from a specific location. The procedure is more difficult than basic pan shots, but the aesthetic effect is superior.

The drone goes forward or backward when you pan left or right. It gives images a more sophisticated look. To keep photographs stable while panning, some artists prefer to stay in ‘hover mode.’ The technique you choose is a matter of personal preference and the impact you want to accomplish. It’s enough to simply rotate the drone across a subject or terrain.

Shots that are being tracked


When moving parallel to a subject, tracking shots are commonly used. They’ve been choreographed in unison. The technique’s major goal is to synchronize the speed of the camera and retain focus on a subject at a specific composition point.

This shot is frequently featured in movies, automotive ads, and sporting events. The key is to practice the coordination as much as possible. It’s simple to track shots by using the controls for height, distance, and focal length. You can add additional movement if it’s necessary or you’re comfortable with it.

Shots from a Pedestal


A pedestal shot is when you fly a drone up or down without shifting the gimbal or camera. It is entirely reliant on flight. A jib arm or a crane can be used to achieve the camera movement technique. Drones that are moved up and down provide a huge range and more freedom. Adjusting the altitude control and flying straight up and down without worrying about focus distance or camera movement is as simple as that.

Flying Over

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Everything from TV shows to music videos to ads uses flyovers. Choosing a certain landscape or one object and focusing all camera movement on the topic while constantly flying and traversing the distance until the drone flies over the thing is an easy approach to record a great flyover image. Flyovers are typically used to assist the position of a subject in a geographical context and demonstrate its scale.

Shots of the reveal

A reveal shot, as the name implies, shows a point of interest that the photographer wants the audience to notice. It displays a certain time of day and provides “WOW” effects. Reveal shots also function as an entry and exit point for a scene. Reveal images are used in certain great films to generate memorable situations.

Things to Photograph in a Beautiful Setting

Top Edinburgh Calton Photo by Mark Shimazu

People can now easily and safely shoot shots that previously required hiring a photographer adept in taking pictures while leaning out of a helicopter. If you are not certified to shoot professional drone photography images, you will still need to hire someone.

Amateurs now have new chances thanks to technological advancements. Drones are now more affordable and accessible than ever before. Drone photography from the air is a unique way to capture spectacular photographs. Here are some pointers to help you get the perfect shot. If you’re seeking for ideas, consider the following amazing drone captures.

  • Your residence
  • Your company
  • Your wedding
  • Your family and friends
  • Landscapes with natural beauty


aerial photo of residence


When it comes to real estate marketing, realtors have discovered the usefulness of drone photos. It’s a great way to let potential buyers see the outside of a home and get a sense of the community. Drones can be used to highlight a pond in a backyard, dormers on a roof, or property on the outskirts of a rural region.

You can display enormous swaths of terrain to demonstrate their size. Any of these traits can be highlighted with a simple drone photo. Photographing a home isn’t just for the purpose of selling it. Use it to create a gallery wall of photos of a property from various angles or to enhance a portrait of a residence.

From above, you can observe the organization of communities and city blocks, whether they are scattered throughout the terrain or arranged in uniform blocks. Capture the view from above of a childhood house or where you currently live for a memory that will be a talking point for years.



Drone photography is beneficial to a variety of industries, not only real estate. On the walls of a workplace, you can hang artwork, business policies, or motivational phrases that promote a firm’s ideology. Drones can help amplify a show and turn empty wall space into advertising.

Make the service or product you’re selling the focus of your photography. From above, any outdoor activity or product appears to be amazing. Boats, skis, and pools are examples of products. Make the building the focal point for less tangible things. It makes a strong impression on potential clients and provides employees a sense of belonging to something special.



maxresdefault 1024x576 2

A wedding takes a long time to plan and flies by. It is only via photographs that we can recall it. Traditional photographs are quite precious. Aerial photography of the wedding day can be a fantastic way to recall the memories.

After saying “I do,” a drone can photograph the pair walking down the steps of a synagogue or church. The drone can take a panoramic shot of the venue if the wedding is held outside. After the reception, you might get an image of folks carrying sparklers as they send the couple home. The options are infinite.

Family and friends

successful group happy friends on mountain 918x516 1

Everyone adores family portraits. Friendships with close friends are like family. There’s nothing wrong with grounded photos of traditional staged photographs or with everyone slinging their arms over each other. You might want to change things up now and again.

Take it to the top of the mountain. Drone images of friends and family that are posed, traditional, or grounded are not what you want. Take a picture of a toast, an impromptu beach volleyball game, or show off a skill you and your buddies have. The most ambitious photography can be achieved with a drone photo.


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Sweeping landscapes that show where you are and how far you will travel are among the best opening movie shots. You won’t be able to create the next cinematic masterpiece with drone photographs, but with experience, you’ll be able to take shots that are on par with some of the most jaw-dropping opening scenes. The beauty of drone photography is the scope of the shot. It can catch the entire horizon, a city block, or vast woodlands. Experimentation broadens the range of possibilities


It’s possible that the best photo opportunity is just in front of you or above you. A change of viewpoint is provided by a little elevation. You may add outstanding images to your library by just hitting a button. It takes some time to get used to. Allow yourself time to study.

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