Among the newest real estate trends is Real estate drone photography to take awe-inspiring aerial images that provide unique perspectives for featured properties. Drones are used for commercial property, vacant land, resort, apartment, and residential home listings.

The real estate industry is competitive and agile. A realtor has to remain at the top of his or her game. Embracing advances in technology and resources like drone videos as a marketing strategy is one way to do so. Realtors enhance both their commercial and residential perspectives.

There are many advantages. It is worth the marketing investment of hiring a drone pilot for aerial video photography. Aerial photography and video add value for real estate agents. Some of those advantages are listed below. 

1. Creating Captivating Property Images

With the use of drone videos, you can have compelling images that captivate clients. An aerial view makes a property more desirable. It vividly brings out the beauty. Pilots use modern drones to capture footage from high vantage points. That type of footage is not possible with traditional digital photography.

property images

The use of professional drone photography shows buyers a more accurate depiction of a property. Because of traditional photography limitations, agencies and clients are becoming more interested in real estate drone photography. A video shot by a drone from various angles is more helpful than a few pictures. Well-designed drone shots look incredibly professional and generate a sense of interest and awe.

2. Viewing the Location of a Property

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‘Location, location, location,’ is a phrase often heard in the real estate industry. Among the most significant benefits of using commercial real estate drone photography is the ability to view a property’s location with respect to nearby airports, parks, amenities, attractions, etc. An aerial perspective is the best means of capturing the entire layout.

Back yards, walking paths, pools, and landscaping are important to buyers. So are nearby schools and parks. Aerial video and photos bring these advantages to life. Drone videos offer realtors an opportunity to capture the attractive things about the property with a unique perspective that is critical to closing a deal.

3. Telling Better Stories

telling better stories

Storytelling is key to winning listings and selling homes. Sellers want to list the property with agents who have the latest tools of the trade. MLS (Multiple Listing Service) references details about aerial shots for ‘Featured’ photos.

Professional organizations, such as NAR (National Association of REALTORS), indicate that drones for real estate are becoming the new normal of the industry. Innovative companies use Professional Drone Photography to attract savvy clientele. 

Drones are the ideal way of telling the story of a property rather than reading an endless description. They are entertaining and keep buyers watching and exploring a listing for a longer time than a traditional real estate listing. 

4. Virtual Property Tours


It is necessary to convince a client a particular property is the right one for them. The use of drones enables capturing a property in a creative design. A 360-degree walkthrough is the closest thing to a physical tour of a property.

Most people are familiar with the technology. It is the same that is used by popular services, such as Google Maps. Buyers have an understanding of how it is used. Many probably expect it on each listing. It takes the real estate business to a new level. The means of achieving that is drone photography.

5. Attract Business and Save Money

save money in your business

Realtors can attract 50 percent more listings with aerial video and photos and close sales 50 percent faster. Sales from 12 properties per year can increase to 18. Gross earnings of $90,360, before expenses, increase by $45,180.

The average cost to create stunning video clips and photos is approximately $550. Eighteen listings would cost about $9900. The net profit of the $45,180 increase is $35,280. That is an excellent return on investment. Using a drone photography real estate marketing strategy is more affordable and budget-friendly. Drone footage is a lot cheaper than old-school helicopter aerial photography.

6. Easier Access During the Pandemic

easier access in the pandemic

With the COVID-19 outbreak, real estate agents had to change the way they work profoundly. Relying more on technology, agents shifted from multiple in-person visits to adhering to social distancing using virtual viewings. Viewers can see the property without an agent. 

Potential buyers can browse locations and make offers without meeting a real estate agent in person. Agents changed marketing tactics and began to look toward future showings. Using drones is on the increase. A large majority of sellers prefer agents who use drones. 

7. Better Listings

Real Estate Drone Photograph image

The real estate industry’s use of commercial drones is second only to photography. The views are stunning. They add value to a listing. High-volume agents are three and a half times more likely to use commercial drone photography than low-volume agents.

That is likely because of the seller and buyer demand. Showcasing a lot and the total size of the property is complicated without an aerial view. Buyers concerned about social interaction get a better idea about the property in the comfort of their home. A video view accurately displays what the buyer gets in a purchase. 

8. Providing More than the Competition

Impact of Competition on your Business


Drone videos are a means of realtors appealing to clients that have an advantage over the competition. Listings integrating videos that capture a property in style are more appealing than listings presented regularly or traditionally.

Employing videos for marketing will make a business a pacesetter in the industry. You have to be willing to stay abreast with advanced technology to survive and thrive in a dynamic and exceptionally competitive market. Modern property sellers and buyers expect it.


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